$1000 Pay Down for UCFD Fire Truck

Mary Hubley, is a resident of Broad Cove, member of the Young at Heart Senior Club, and Quilting Instructor for years 2010 to 2012.

Mary provided leadership, and direction, for the YAH Quilting Group. The group, collectively, created a yo/yo quilt consisting of hand sewn, 2,500 pieces, to build a queen size bed spread, complete with two small pillows as accessories.

The YAH quilting group raised $1,000.00 with the purchase of this quilt, and unanimously voted to dedicate the funds generated, to the pay down of the new fire truck loan. The accompanying photo is of Mary Hubley, presenting Wayne Smith, Fire Chief for the UCFD funds raised.

PS: UCFD has less that $25,000.00 left on the fire truck loan—all achieved with the work of many, many generous volunteer hours!

Chowder Supper for Haiti

This Fund Raising event was hosted at the UCFD Hall Jan 30th, 2010

This initiative was started by Matt Dagley. Members of the UCFD volunteered their time and service. Matt Dagley, family and friends, hosted & provided all the food gratis.

Red Cross Representatives were in attendance – $1,000.00 was realized in free will donations. Margaret Campbell sold ‘Aunt Glady’s Knits’ – $100.00 donation

Supper Sales raised the balance – total funds raised $2,700.00

Photo credits: Markus Heinis

Thank you volunteers!


Thank you so much to all of our volunteers—a few of whom are shown being honoured in this picture. You make our community a better and safer place.

from left to right – Cleveland Conrad, Jean Blackler, David Porteous, Audrey Doan, Margaret Campbell, Carolyn Rhuland, Larry Blackler, Sheila Conrad – Eric Hustvedt (center of semicircle)