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Dry Hydrants

Cherry Hill Dry Hydrant

The Cherry Hill dry hydrant.

Broad Cove Dry Hydrant

The Broad Cove dry hydrant.

Vogler's Cove Dry Hydrant

The Vogler’s Cove dry hydrant.

Dry hydrants are a common form of water access on a year round basis to rural fire departments.

This access allows our tankers to hook directly to the hydrant thus allowing quicker water access (similar to a town water supply).

Occasionally our fire ponds need brush cutting to allow easier access to fill up our tankers. Cherry Hill and Broad Cove fire ponds (dry hydrants) do not need the same amount of care as the Voglers Cove fire pond.

Recently Max Slauenwhite (Fire Captain in Vogler’s Cove) organized the following fire fighters to help remove brush from the fire pond in Vogler’s Cove.

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Photo credits and article by Art Fielding.

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